Our Products


For centuries, the process to create ceramic tile has remained unchanged. Ceramic tile is crafted from natural materials and then kiln-fired at extremely high temperatures. This process leads to a work of art that you walk on — a spectacular entryway, a refreshing bathroom surface, a gourmet kitchen’s feast for the eyes. 

Ceramic tile is many things. Thanks to its ancient materials, it creates a natural environment in the home. With its lasting durability and versatility, it can take on dirt and stains for years to come in any room in your home. Its natural hues provide a product seamlessly fits in any home.

Beautiful Hardwoods

By offering site-finished, solid pre-finished, or engineered hardwood flooring we’re sure to have the perfect wood species, character, and color tone for your project. You will be able to touch and feel different finishes and textures such as wire-brushed or hand-scraped samples to compare and explore and take home to help decide.


Deluxe Vinyl

Our 100% multi-layer waterproof luxury vinyl, vinyl planks, and vinyl tiles are all various descriptions of one of the most sought after flooring solutions today. The perception of the word vinyl is changing in a positive manner as the realistic look of real hardwood, metal, natural stone, travertine, and slate looks and their character is being captured. This product requires little if any floor prep, installs quickly, easily maintained, and because it can be installed over most existing floors, eliminates major demolition costs.



Carpet has been been a popular floor covering for centuries. In ancient times, cultures hand-tied and knotted it. The desire for carpet took off in the 16th century when merchant adventurers fell in love with the rich textiles and rugs from the East. That desire moved to America, and carpet became a staple in our modern home interior.

Carpet is popular for many reasons and has a multitude of benefits. It’s inexpensive, comfortable, generally easy to install and provides more fashion options, like colors and textures, than any other floor covering option on the market. Whether your decor is traditional or formal, carpet fits in.


Area Rugs

The right rug can really make a statement. It can become the centerpiece of a room, pulling the decor together. It can accent a theme or be the base note for a new one. That’s one of the most remarkable features of area rugs — their versatility.

Not only are area rugs versatile, but they’re also the only product you can install, and then pick up and install again. They move with you. Whether they are 100% handmade wool or silk, they are known to last hundreds of years. With endless colors, designs, and textures, the area rug you choose will be one for the ages.